On March 18, 2014, the FUN began!

With passion, a clear vision, and a top-to-bottom renovation … we opened our doors!


The buzz was phenomenal and the glow on our faces was blinding!

Today, that energy continues to influence us every day! We aspire to set ourselves apart and take pride in our authenticity, strong work-ethic, and talents behind the chair.

Our team of Stylists serves guests from Plymouth, Campton, Thornton, Squam Lakes area, Newfound Lake area, plus many other regions in New Hampshire.

Many of our guests travel quite a distance to see their favorite stylist–and we love that!


Our mission is to create a bright, uplifting, and fun atmosphere designed to make our guests feel great and look FABULOUS!  

We are committed to providing consistent service and professionalism at every visit. 


Our vision is to help every guest become the best versions of themselves; inside and out.

It’s simply amazing how you can sense the excitement in the room when a guest has experienced a fun, new style. You can feel it throughout our entire salon space when someone is happy. Everyone celebrates it–this is what sets us apart!

Meet the STELLA Team

Kristen Gilmore

front desk / guest care

Kristen's Favorite Things

  • My cats!
  • Hanging out with friends and family
  • Warm weather!

What Kristen Loves About STELLA

I love working with these amazing humans everyday! They teach me so much about hair and insider tricks of the trade and make me laugh. Building new relationships with our guests makes my job so rewarding!

Sally Lyford

Owner/Level 5 Stylist

Top 3 Strengths Behind the Chair

  • Natural, grey coverage color & BLONDING!
  • Listening!
  • Connecting with each guest and giving my full attention at every visit

Sally's Favorite Things

  • Pizza. Always!
  • Soaking in summer sunshine (even though it’s bad for me!)
  • A morning cup of coffee while driving into work

What Sally Wants You to Know About Her

I eat, sleep and breathe STELLA! Everyone who knows me well, knows that!
Over the last year, I have slowly cut down on my time behind the chair to focus more on the business. Finding this balance has been so wonderful for me. I feel that I can simultaneously work on bringing STELLA to the level of success we want AND see my guests on ‘hair days’ with 100% focus on them.

I am so thankful for our Team, each and every day!  We would not be who we are without them.

Our guests are my top priority. No matter which chair you sit in, YOU MATTER. I will always make an effort to say ‘hello’ and welcome you into our space.

Jennifer Temple

Level 4 Stylist

Top 3 Strengths Behind the Chair

  • Making a sincere guest connection. I strive to get past any language barrier we as stylists can be presented with.
  • Always pushing myself outside of my comfort level while coming up with a plan of action for a color appointment. There is not much that we cannot achieve in-salon if something were to not go as planned, so push yourself!
  • Finish work! Let us have fun with this together. ALWAYS ACCEPT THE BLOW-OUT!

Jen's Favorite Things

  • Halloween! I will always and forever be the “Halloween Cruise Director” for our Salon Team!
  • I love to tie-dye anything!
  • I could NEVER live without chicken nuggets.

What Jen Wants You to Know About Her

Working at STELLA Hair Boutique and being able to create beautiful styles on amazing guests is so fulfilling. I am truly doing what I love.

Being part of the Summit Salon Systems has ignited an amazing passion that pushed me daily to excel as a stylist. I will continue to focus on advanced coloring techniques and hope to have YOU in my chair soon!

Peter Bailey

level 3 stylist

Top 3 Strengths Behind the Chair

  • Men’s Haircuts/Barber Cuts
  • Color – Balayage, Grey Blending, Redheads
  • Listening!

Peter's Favorite Things

  • Andis Master Clippers
  • Music
  • His dog ‘Boo’

Why Peter Chose STELLA!

STELLA checked every box for me! It has a warm, familial atmosphere and yet is modern and professional. The Hair Team is all about bettering their best and most importantly GREAT hair!

Cynthia Ziolkowski

Level 3 Stylist

Top 3 Strengths Behind the Chair

  • Color & Blonding
  • Bomb Blow-outs
  • Always laughing!

Cynthia's Favorite Things

  • Music
  • Hubby & Dogs
  • Hello Kitty 

Why Cynthia Chose STELLA!

STELLA has always had such a great reputation. The atmosphere is so cute and how can you not smile!? Everyone is so talented. THIS is the place I need to be!

Emily Stachecki

Level 2 Stylist

Top 3 Strengths Behind the Chair

  • Facial waxing
  • Connecting with guests

Emily's Favorite Things

  • Family
  • Cooking
  • House plants

Why Emily Chose STELLA!

Great atmosphere- everyone that works here is just SO easy to get along with! STELLA’s has a great reputation and I am so happy to be part of the Team. 

Alexis Thompson

Level 1 Esthetician/Lash Artist

Top 3 Strengths as a Service Provider

  • Listening to guests
  • Lashes & Body Waxing
  • Caring about guests and creating relationships with each and every one

Alexis's Favorite Things

  • Music
  • Spending time with friends
  • Skiing

Why Alexis Chose STELLA!

I chose to start my career at STELLA becuase of no only the warm welcoming environment it provides, but because of the wonderful owner Sally. She welcomed me into her business team with open arms and trusted me to hep start the esthetics side of her business. I have nothing but positive things to stay about STELLA and the wonderful team behind it all. 

Chloe Wildermann

front desk / guest care

Chloe's Favorite Things

  • Snowboarding
  • Books!
  • Shopping

Why Chloe Chose STELLA!

I chose to join STELLA because of the welcoming environment and how much fun and creativity the team brings to each and every day!