Guest Referrals

Guest Referrals and the Salon Industry

The best compliment you can give is a referral.

Let’s talk about referrals.

The act of referring or the state of being referred is defined as a person recommended to someone or for something. 

And, yes, as the consumer, that person is you!
We chat about referrals ALL-THE-TIME in the Salon Industry.  It was literally born into our language when we were wee ones going through Beauty School.

Back then, it was the traditional business card that was the golden ticket.
Now, it is in digital form, on every social media platform, and most often includes an amazing photo! 

The way we ask for referrals may be different these days, but the value of a quality referral remains intact. 

The good old ‘word of mouth’ still trumps that expensive ad! Who agrees with me?

Yes, the thought might cross your mind, “My stylist is always so busy!” Or ,“ I wouldn’t want to lose my spot in the schedule!” We totally understand those concerns. 

But, let’s remember that a stylist’s career behind the chair is ever-changing and ever-growing; your consistent referrals are what keeps them going and builds their confidence!

I think you will find that with patience and properly scheduled appointments, your stylists can accommodate you and all of your lovely friends and family. Cheers to that!

So, whomever or wherever your favorite Stylist may be, celebrate them! 

Shout it to the sky!  

Share your love for them in the form of a referral.

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