Foils Ombré Balayage Foilyage

Is it Foils, Ombré, Balayage, or Foilyage??

It’s a fact that hairstylists are creative people. Which brings us to the fact that we have created a bajillion different coloring techniques with a bajillion different names.

It’s hard to keep up, even for us stylists!

To help bridge the gap, we are sharing some insight into just a few of these techniques and how we feel about them.  

Foils: A more traditional method of lightening that has been around for a long time. We typically foil A LOT! There are a large variety of techniques/patterns that can be used to create different looks. Foils provide heat conduction for lifting power and can tend to leave a more obvious grow-out line, but if you want to be bright and light, this is the way to do it. 

Ombré: A defined style. Ombré is a quick, short gradation of color from dark to light, with all of the hair ends being affected. This look is for those that want to make more of a color statement.

Balayage: Originating from the French word “to sweep,” Balayage is just that! Lightener is painted on in a sweeping, free-hand motion from the bottom up and typically processes in the open-air. This technique creates a softer, blended transition from dark to light, giving a lower maintenance, natural look. Please keep in mind, a true Balayage loves to be warm and soft!

Foilyage: A technique very similar to Balayage, but with placing the painted hair section in foils for extra lightening power. We tend to do this for our guests who want extra light ends or cooler tones while still maintaining a soft transition up into a deeper base color. 

Don’t stress too much over these! We got you!

A consultation with your stylist is always recommended, so they can help you choose the right technique for your hair goals. Sometimes multiple techniques are used to customize a color that is just right for you.

At STELLA Hair Boutique, we offer complimentary 15-minute Color Consultations!

Having inspiration photos is ALWAYS a good way to express your likes and dislikes. 

And remember, a hair goal is not always achieved in just one visit.

Good things take time.

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