STELLA Associate Training Program

The Associate Training Program

At STELLA Hair Boutique we are always excited to have new Stylists join our Associate Training Program. 

When a Stylist joins our team, that individual has already been fully licensed to do hair and is either a recent Cosmetology School graduate or a growing professional looking for a new salon home. The two key traits we look for when hiring Associates are kindness and willingness to learn.


The purpose of the Associate Training Program is to:

Grow the next generation of Stylists in our Salon Company.

Our goal is to be a Teaching Salon and create an environment for growth.

We will always be hiring and always be teaching! 

The story begins with a Top Level Stylist who is ready to move into Vocational Leadership. Vocational Leadership involves inspiring, inviting, and organizing others. They take an Associate under their wing and become an Educator. The idea is to share everything that has brought them to this place of success!

Associates are fully hands-in and are learning from doing!

Between working with their Educator and other educational tools provided, the Associate will be prepared to become a Level 1 Stylist on our team. With our Level System 1-6, they will have the opportunity to hit goals and grow with a clear career path at STELLA. 

This program brings us so much joy!

It is the rest of the story for our Top Level Stylists, bringing purpose and focus back to what we love doing!

Sharing knowledge is a beautiful thing~

If you or someone you know is a Licensed Cosmetologist and is looking for a New Salon Home, click/tap here to learn more about our Associate Training Program.

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